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portrait_258_modo Sue O’Callaghan

International Advocate for Human Rights of the Child and now BEST SELLING author of ‘Taken’.

Sue O’Callaghan is a gifted writer and author; a talented teacher, and an inspiring motivational speaker.

An International Advocate for Human Rights of the Child, Sue manifests a powerful and validating voice of authority, carrying in her heart the plight of thousands of families around the world who have lost children through the child protection system. She has spoken on American, UK and European radio.

Sue maintains that when parents are not adequately funded through the courts, children are denied their basic human right to remain with a parent they love and wish to reside with. She argues that in thousands of cases around the world, the welfare of children is used by the system to ‘manipulate’ a parent into having psychological testing, parenting assessments etc, which in turn are used as ammunition against capable and dedicated parents. “Without adequate funding” Sue argues, “it is impossible to disprove a ‘false diagnosis’ and expose ‘false evidence’, both of which are commonly used as weapons to remove children from the care of parents: in turn feeding a financially driven market of Foster Care and Forced Adoption.

“The exorbitant cost of fighting for one’s children through the courts is prohibitive for most mothers, and children are removed against their wishes with severe long term implications on their emotional and psychological well being” says Sue.

Her book ‘Taken’ reveals insight into the corruption that occurs within; child protection, the family courts, medical institutions and the employment of expert witnesses, and provides a basic foundation from which her arguments stem.

Her contact with thousands of women around the globe who have fought (and still are fighting) for the rights of their children, as well as the high case load the family courts are undertaking, is evidence in itself of the humanitarian crisis Sue says we are facing within families in society today. She describes the ‘alienating’ and ‘ostracising’ of parents by the institutions and establishments as going against the European Convention of Human Rights which prescribes every child a right to family life.


A bit of background…

In 2003, following a highly successful career as an artist and teacher, running Art Departments in schools in England, Singapore and Australia, Sue’s life was thrown into turmoil. Her three children aged 1, 3 and 5 were taken from her whilst she was pregnant with her fourth child.

For twelve months, she underwent one of the most harrowing times a mother could live through in trying to secure their return through the english judicial system. On her journey she walked through the isolation of rejection and betrayal, profoundly wounding false accusations and severe trauma and loss. Yet in her brokenness she found a deep inner tenacity to fight to bring her children home.

Born the middle of three girls, in Bedfordshire, England, Sue currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her children. Now aged 12, 14, 16 and 18, they have been ‘returned’ for twelve years and are re-adjusted, happy and stable young adults, living life to the full, sailing and windsurfing on some of the world’s loveliest open waters and excelling in their individual development.

As well as enjoying an international school teaching career, Sue has enjoyed the challenge of working in some of the UK’s toughest prisons. She is a life coach, writer, dream interpreter and is involved in the prophetic ministry. Having travelled the world and experienced life in many capacities her desire is to empower others to find their true identity through overcoming adversity. “Trauma, loss and grief are sadly faced by most individuals, but seen as a catalyst for change, they can ultimately propel one through ‘transition’ and ‘restoration’ to fully transformed lives.” (Sue speaking on UK Radio).

Sue’s story, involving having her children removed from her through false allegations, is the basis on which she claims that all difficult life circumstances can be seen as a trigger to catapult one into a life of rich blessing and abundance. The fight to secure her children’s return, combined with her passion for life and an understanding of the complexities of an individual’s journey is the motivating fusion which draw’s Sue to a belief in every human being.

The Reason for writing TAKEN?

The purpose of writing the book:

1.  To share the story of what happened in order to raise awareness of what goes on behind Institutional ‘closed doors’ and to expose some shocking truths about the system Sue found herself thrown into.

2.  To be a voice for thousands of families around the world who have undergone a similar harrowing tale, (roughly 1000 children are taken a month in the UK alone by Child Protection) but have not had their children returned. “These parents are often left too traumatised and vulnerable to fight and speak out about the grave injustices they have faced.”

3. To challenge the ‘system’ to instigate strategic reformation to outdated institutions that reinforce and endorse child abuse in the UK.

This website is dedicated to Sue’s four remarkable children, “who are the greatest gift that life could have bestowed on me.”

‘Your courage to push through, your perseverance to endure, your tenacity to overcome, your deep knowledge and understanding of life, and most of all your ability to forgive, have all borne witness to the tremendous love that is within you. Your hearts are so huge. Your individual gifts, desires, idiosyncrasies and passions will take you far to reach out to those around you as you trust, respect, honour and accept people for who they are – no matter what their circumstances. As you mature into your destiny and calling never forget what a blessing you are. Remind yourselves always that your tears have watered the good seeds you have sown. These tears were also the catalyst which will allow a harvest of rich abundance to be reaped in your own lives and in the lives of the future generations.’

(Extract from: Taken by Sue O’Callaghan)

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