Prophetic Life Coaching

with Sue O’Callaghan


“Tears flowing Sue. Thank you. The very finger of God’s love and heart has touched me today through you. You are truly one of his last day handmaidens with his heavenly prophetic voice of love and truth. Thank you…so timely….” (V.M USA)



understand their IDENTITY, walk in their DESTINY and discover a life or FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE,

healed and restored from the restrictions of their past.”


What is Prophetic Life Coaching?

Sue specialises in EMPOWERMENT MINISTRY and through her prophetic gifting in the revelatory realm releases liberation and breakthrough in the lives of her clients, training and encouraging individuals to live a life of prosperity and abundance.

As a prophetic life coach, Sue utilises her unique gift of prophecy (revelatory words of knowledge and insight from the heart of God) to help individuals in all areas of lives; personal, business, family, spiritual, professional, health and relationships. In the revelatory realm she can identify the common barriers that restrict freedom and breakthrough and releases you into deeper spiritual insight to your divine purpose and destiny. You will gain greater understanding into established behaviour patterns and entrenched mindsets that can be broken, and and will develop a positive strategy of what to do next.

Prophetic words are given for the purpose of encouragement, edification, comfort and exhortation and so her sessions gently reveal, confirm or establish callings in the life of an individual and introduce keys and strategies to bring these into manifestation.

Who would benefit from a session?

If you are able to relate to any of the following, a session would greatly benefit you:

• Feeling trapped from the past

• Keen to see breakthrough

• Struggling to overcome behaviour patterns or addictions

• Needing direction or focus

• Wanting to find your unique identity and destiny

• Interested to interpret your dreams

• Wishing to identify restrictions in your life

• In need of guidance or instruction

• Achieve success and fulfilment in life

• Build strong foundations for your future

• Keen to discover your gifts and strengths

• Cultivate unshakeable faith

• Disassociate from ‘need’ and ‘dependency’, or addictions


If you feel hungry for change or would love to embrace true liberty then please be encouraged to have a coaching session. The testimonies are exciting and you will feel encouraged as you read feedback below.


How much does it cost?

Sessions are held one-on-one by telephone or Skype call.

1 session NZ$65

3 sessions NZ$150



“Wow! What an amazing experience!  Sue is an incredible facilitator and took me to places in my life that needed some deep healing.  I have been a counsellor for 20 years but have been set free in a way I never knew was possible. I am walking in freedom I never knew was possible.” G.K. United States.

“Spot on! So precise and clear! Have seen fruit already. Will definitely recommend your sessions. I have structured my future based on a new belief in myself!” D.E. Canada.

“I cannot thank you enough for the sessions you have given me.  You have worked through some things in my life that I didn’t even know were there and I am feeling transformed and free from burdens and shame. The most amazing result for me is I feel able to change my behaviour patterns that have been there all my life.  I am so thankful and excited as to what the future holds!” I. G.O. Germany.

“One of the best people I have seen that helps you understand your dreams and make them relevant for daily life.  I had no idea how powerful there were nor how I could use them as a foundation for my daily life.” J. M. England.

“Sue I am so grateful for your patience and willingness to stand by me through some difficult times. I was surprised at how painless these sessions were and how you have focussed on the good that has come out of my life experience rather than the chaos. I now see things in a new light! Thank you for your love, your compassion and your generous heart.” M.C. New Zealand.

“Sue is one of the most encouraging people I have met. She sees the good in everyone and is able to turn everything into a positive outcome. My faith in walking into the future is now exciting as opposed to scary and I am so grateful that you have helped me see life with fresh eyes. Eternally grateful.” P.M.D. England.


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